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Sunday, 12-Jul-2009 03:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hylda is now 14 months old!!

Hylda turned 14 months old on 12 July 2009 (Sunday). We didn’t do anythg special except for singing Happy Birthday song to her hehe..she’s a grown makes me proud n sad at the sametime..sad to see that she’s depending less n less to us now …proud to see that she’s confident and excited in exploring the big world that lies before her…

We attended Abdur’s (honey’s Cuz’s) wedding over the weekend..n there was where her whole full progress were highlighted…especially when she was among other kids of her age (± few months)..

To summarize, her progress now are as follows:-

i. she’s our mobile treadmill now…she runnssss and runssss and runsssssss until she’s tired..most of the time, it was us...hehehe
ii. she’s a big ehh little bully! – she bullied her cousins regardless of their size... bigger or smaller than her…hehee…mommie’s proud of u girl!!hehee..takpe kan??)
iii. she a parrot now! – she repeats after us…whatever we say..we have to be EXTRAAA careful in our conversations around her now…this is the part where the parents get jittery kalau2 she’ll catchup foul words from us!
iv. She has biggg appetite now…especially for adult foods! She even didn’t mind the taste of spicy when I fed her w my bekas-sambal hand..thats’ my gurl!! I’ll pass the family tradition ayam masak sambal belacan recipe to her when she’s big enough to cook!hehee
v. She’s moreee cheeky noww…and more MOREE funn to play with!! She lovess playing ‘Cakk cakk’..’kejar2 w mommie n daddy’ – she loves being the chaser than the chasee…she prefers to turn and face us n chase us rather than being afraid of being chased..hehe..funny girl!
vi. She can count now…one..two..THREE..satu..dua..TIG-GAA…and'd continue the sequence..hehe..
vii. She can say ‘A..B..Chee!!’
viii. Her new fave word is ‘Apiikkk!!’ (her all time favourite is still ‘Cecakk’) ~ dunno wat that means…bt d usage is can be from ‘I want that..’..’I don’t want that..’…’look!’.. etc etc..depends on the situation, surrounding, the time and maybe the weather…hehe..
ix. She can follow us saying ‘Allah’and sumtimes ‘Allah hu akbar!’
x. She prays..go straight to sujud when she sees the sejadah..
xi. Shakes her head left and right n waiting for us to say ‘Lailahaillallah..laailahaillallahh’
xii. She lovess balloons!!
xiii. She can clearly request for ‘cucu’ – milk and ‘a-ir’ – water to drink
xiv. She'll automatically say ‘Amiimm!’ (Amiinn pelat version) once we finished reading our prayers..
xv. She lovess playing with Bella the cat, our neighbour’s white furry cat…probly to her it is a battery version of her kitty the cat doll..
xvi. She makes frens well..(friends or foe?) since she always ended up taking the things from the other kid’s hand…hmm…yaa friends…hihii
xvii. She hugs n pats us at the back..hahaa…probly imitating our patting when putting her to sleep
xviii. she loves wearing shoes...guess she associates it with going out and RUN!!

..there are soooo many while ive been keeping this entry to add up her progress list, she has again crossed another lets keep the rest in next month's entry okay...(iAllah)..hehe..

*its an amazing amazingg feeling being a mommie*

Tuesday, 23-Jun-2009 02:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cuppacakes - Man U theme

Old Trafford's goal post
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sorry honey..buss is buss hehe..

i baked these cupcakes with Man U theme as requested by Kak Lina for her husband, a die-hard Man U fan to celebrate Father's Day..(its honey's rival team..he's a Chelsea fan hehe)

im very proud with my piece of work simply bcoz ppl could tell the theme for the cupcakes is Man U and they could recognize the Man U logo n jersey n all..hehe..sampai juling2 mata okay!! btw, i made one fondant deco with goal post to add a little surprise to it..if klina had ordered for bigger cupcakes maybe i could bake Old Trafford as well hehe...nextime okay Naa...hehee...

thanks for your support!

i survived this challenge!!wuhoo!!!

ps: i had to use no 11 i.e Giggs bcoz Ronaldo has justttt been sold off to Real Madrid

Monday, 22-Jun-2009 07:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shyldaenia's Cuppacakes!

View all 12 photos... u like that name i came up with? that'll probly be the name of our company should we establish any..hehe

these past few weeks ive been bz w baking all started after i joined Edleen n Farah to a Basic Cupcake Deco Class in Subang Jaya in i baked some for hylda's bday party in May..and received positive feedbacks from the guests...(hopefully not because they were being nice that it was free hehe)...

d starting point was when mel ordered for 30pcs cupcakes for her 30th bday couple of weeks after that...and the 2nd order came in from Su who made a lastmin order for her husband's 32nd bday last week (30 pcs also)...and the 3rd one came Klina's order for 60pcs including 11 pcs w fondant deco..the latter was a big blow to my body's posture..keke.. i spent half a day doing su's order and one and a half day for klina's...poor hylda and my honeybunny...there goes our weekend a another big part of me feels satisfied that i managed to complete it nevertheless...heheheh...

susah rupa2nya org nk buat side-buss ni kan?? tabik spring kat korang2 yg buat side-buss + disamping keeping ur fulltime job!! sbb not only it needs also needs determination, physical and mental strengths, good time management skill, etc baru buat cupcakes 3 batches...dh nk pengsan...hehehe...

Monday, 22-Jun-2009 05:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Hylda, the Toddler

Hylda turned 13 months old last 12th of June..and she can do sooo much now after passing the 1-year mark..

Yesterday i informed Nina (zul's sis who's in india) that hylda can now say 'Nina' and she was thrilled to hear since we were at my inlaw's house, we went online and had all the webcam + mic + speakers ready..once we got nina online, we were pestering hylda to say 'Nina'...she was stunned to see nina in the computer..probably thinking 'how did she get in there?' hehe..she was quiet for d first 5-10 mins..refused to say a word or do anything...we basically wanted her to say 'Nina'..thats it..but later she gave moree than that...nina was happy to hear hylda say 'cecak' (cicak - lizzard) the first time..thats hylda's fave word!..later hylda said 'Kitty!'..hehe thats her fave cat-doll (same size as her)..nina was happy to hear that too..but the ultimate word came when honey was feeding her w grapes..rite before it entered her mouth, she said 'Nina!' sure it was a music to nina's ears! hihii...*phew!* ok..mission accomplished...hehe..

since the lastime nina saw hylda was about a year ago, there are lots of things on hylda's progress to first i didnt think there were many...until i saw hylda waved at nina when nina said 'bye2!'...gave nina a flying kiss when she saw nina did jz that...singing 'twinkle2' w her hands 'twinkling' along when all of us sang the song...said 'three' when we counted '..1...2...??'...i feel my heart sank seeing my lil' gurl grows up so fast...!

basically, the words that hylda can clearly say now are...
i. 'mommie' and 'daddy'
ii. 'dodog' = dog
iii. 'cecak' = cicak *her fave words*
iv. 'kitty' = her cat doll (gift from adi, anak ayeh for hylda's bday)
v. 'cakit' = sakit ...juzzz learned to say it over the weekend (sat 20/6/09)
vi. 'bukk' = bird
vii. 'NAKK!!' while pointing to the thing that she wants

other than that, she surprised us w sumthing lastnite..we went out to celebrate father's day with pokngah,lydia and klina n family. we posed for a picture and pkngah was holding hylda..when klina said 'satu..dua..' hylda clearly continued 'TIG-GA!'..we were shocked and ask klina to count again...'satu..dua...' 'TIG-GA!' hydla continued! hahahhaaa....zul n i were shocked! we never taught her to count in malay...must b her atuks or maybe her babysitter, kyam..hehee...ya Allah...she's so intelligent now...hehee:)) must feed her w more lessons!

oh yaa...and she's soo clingy to us now...! especially to me..i feel bad and sad..bcoz i feel like she's more clingy to me because she thinks that i love her less by sending her to the babysitter...'no babygurl..its only temporary..mommie and daddy are trying realllyy hard to find a maid to take care of you at our home...and i'll get Nek Yah to temankan the both of you while mommie n daddy are away working k babygurl...and u can have the whole time to play with your fave toys at the comfort of our home'...sob sob... *this is the part where i'd consider d idea of quitting my job and be a stay-at-home mom hmm..*

i love you sow soww muchh babygurl..!!

Tuesday, 12-May-2009 06:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hylda is 1...!!!

View all 13 photos...
..That’s the theme we came up with in celebration of our first baby turning 1 year old…it means more than just 1 year of age…

To hylda it means:-
i. she grows up from 2.01 kg when she was born, to 8 kg at 1 year old..
ii. she could now walk, run, call ‘mommie!’ ‘daddy!’ ‘bukk’ (bird), ‘kitty’ her meow2 cat doll,
iii. she is now a toddler!officially left babyhood
iv. bt still no teeth yet..hehehee..

To us it also means:-
i. 1 year of being parents – which means a lot like..less peaceful clingy time with honey…less self-pampering sessions..less sleep hehe..less peaceful meal time (have to take turn with honey)..less shopping for yourself and more shopping for our babygurl..lot of other lessess ….but moreee time of joy, proud n happiness seeing our lil babygurl grow up n learn n discover new skills/ things by the minute..
ii. passing the 1-year mark of being parents – though we encountered and stumbled into lots of hiccups…can clearly be seen by mosquito bites n bruises on hylda..cian my babygurl…(
iii. its been 1 year in the worryland..worry for about almost everything for our lil babygurl…her present time, her future…possible accidents…H1N1…ishh almost everything!!
iv. Transition from baby to toddlerhood - its indeed a bittersweet feeling seeing hylda squirmed from a tiny wrinkly baby when she was born, into a beautiful, talkative toddler, before our very eyes..and sad+happy to see her getting less clingy to us as her curiosity to explore grows more and more..

Since it was indeed a very special occasion for all three of us to celebrate – hylda for turning 1 year old and us for turning 1 year old also as parents, I decided to plan and organize a birthday party on my own…details of the party as follows:-

Theme: Hylda is 1..!!!
Colour: Pink + Orange + White
Venue: Our house in Bdr Tun Hussein Onn
Time: 3:00 pm (Tea time)
Invitees: Close family, friends and neighbours (50+pax)

Wanting to make it as sentimental, close-to-the-heart and as memorable as possible, I decided to do as much as possible on my own..which was also the main reason why we couldn’t organize for a bigger party…the resources n space were limited..i was soo excited planning for the whole decos (which later Mel helped to materialize - thx a bunch Mel!!), cooked the main meal (nasi ayam) myself, baked the bday cake myself, baked the cupcakes myself (should’ve included the extras in the party packs)(thanks su for the oven!), etc etc..

and to my delight, there he was my husband being moreee thrilled and excited than myself…with his reputation during our wed preparation as ‘Pengantin Lelaki Paling Excited Mengalahkan Pengantin Perempuan’ awarded by his friends and our wed planner, I wasn’t surprised and very much happy that he shared my enthusiasm in this special celebration of ours and basically threw himself for the party.. he went to rent an Arabian tall tent complete with the decos (underlay and the chandelier) tersergam indah kat depan rumah…so confirm kene ajak our neighbours…hehe..oh yaa…we wanted soo much to have garden chairs for our wedding dulu, but it was damn expensive…so since we couldn’t get it lastime, he get it for hylda this time….heheee…luckily I was with him at the wedding planner showroom (yes thanks to hylda’s daddy, we went to a wedding planner to look for things for hylda’s 1st bday party)..i managed to cut lotsssss of things..if I had left him alone there, he would’ve gotten everything that we wanted for our wedding but couldn’t then, and hylda’s 1st bday party will be like a wedding ceremony instead…hehe I love the fact that he’s sooo into his little babygurl…notice I use HIS babygurl..?bcoz at times I do feel envy and left out…huh..hehee..nahh…I’d do everything for her too…)) *pround mommie!*…oh I haven’t finished with my husband…!other than the tent yang over tu, he took a day off just to the grass on our small compound depan rumah…to make it look like a nice small garden for hylda’s bday party…and pastu not only that, he went to buy the wall mirror pastu carpet la ape laa just for hylda’s bday party…before this, we were doing ok without them…but hylda’s daddy just want to do his best to make his lil babygurl’s 1st bday party a perfect celebration…and most importantly, I was soo thankful that he didn’t let me worry alone and let me faint during the preparation of the party (by providing bibiks)…hehee..thx honeybee!! ur the greatest!!! )) (n thx su for pinjaming ur bibik!)

It’s a great beautiful feeling I have inside from organizing my baby’s 1st birthday party over that weekend…especially since it was a success (to me, selagi takde sape sakit perut after eating my fud it is a success)… the 1 year mark isn’t only marking hylda’s progress in turning from babyhood to todlerhood, it was also a 1-year achievement mark for us being parents! Its definitely a 1 year mark for us to celebrate!!!We pray to Allah swt we’ll have many many beautiful successful years to come in the process of raising our child to become a person yg sempurna iman, akhlak dan akidahnya…!Aamiiinn..!!

ps: tk sempat la nk check grammar...nmind...)

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